Friday, September 09, 2005

The Search for Bah: The Legend Continues

Part I: A slight miscommunication

For those who are unaquainted with him, Mr. Bah has been my barber for the past eight years. He's a fine man who worked at the Master Barber in columbia. No, he didnt just work there... he WAS the Master Barber. He is THE guy. He's been there through first homecoming's and last graduations, through first dates and just those days where i want to look awesome.

In august of this year, Bah went missing.

Not really missing, but i didnt know where he was. So he basically went away. When pressed-- the others at Master Barber gave me the ol run-around... there was foul play about, i just couldnt sift through it quick enough.

THey said he was dead... or atleast thats what I intrepreted them saying-- its difficult having a stranger cut your hair and interrogate him as to the whereabout of ones former barber at the same time. Also, the language barrier was problematic-- as i am not well versed in the Vietnamese variate of english that this would-be barber was using.

I believe him to be dead. i'll spare you the transcript of the broken conversation, but believe me, this guy played his part well-- i had caved and let him cut my hair, believing that the man i knew and trusted was no longer with us.

he lied.

well, he didnt lie because he never really said- 'HEY kid, Bah's dead! Now Lemme Give You a Haircut!'

either way, they thought they could take over the realm of master barber-- they were wrong.


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