Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Search for Bah: The Legend Continues

Part II: Magnum P.I. didn't have to deal with this stuff

Continuing with the Saga-- I reveal that Mr. Bah is infact alive and well. Apparently my dad is able to funny understand and converse with the same fiend who tried to mislead me and subvert Bah's leadership as Master Barber. Anywhos, according to my dad, they say he's still cutting hair in a place in Jessup.

Put on my investigating shoes and boarded a plane....

Today was the first day I began my search. Basically i looked online for all haircut places in a good radius in and around the jessup area. suprisingly not too many numbers, but still, it takes a while to get through them. So far my investigation has not been going to well...

man(asian accent): Young's Barbershop, how can I help you?
me: Did you hire a barber recently by the name of Bah?
man: You must come in in person.
me: What? Is Bah there?
man: Come in for Interview, then we'll talk.
me: umm, I think you got the wrong idea.
man(slight change in accent): You barber or not?
me: NO, im not a barber, I'm looking for Bah?
man (now sounds like an angry black man): No Bah!
me: I think i'm gonna ask you one more time just to make sure we are clear-- do you have a barber named Bah working there?
man: ...
me: ...
man: no (hangs up)

my first call... i hope the other ones go better.


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