Friday, February 17, 2006

no seriously, read comics, they would be more educational

i took a quick glance at a cosmo magazine the other day-- before laughing, i was intrigued bc hillary duff was on the cover, so its ok. its cool.

my question is: do women actually think what they read is true? they got tons of list, top 10 ways to please ur man, 20 things to make him melt, 50 ways to know what he's thinking when your thinking that he's not thinking... but you know he is.


why dont they have guys writing in these magazines. because then instead of it being 200 pages long, it would only be 10. 3 pages of text, and 6 of nekked people, and lets throw in some more nekked people mixed with text on the last page.

3 ways please your man, because thats all of them:
1.) sleep with him
2.) make him cookies/cake
3.) watch a jackie chan movie with him and not complain that he is not a real actor. HE IS a real actor dammit, he's an american icon.

and while we're on the topic of stupid stuff:

since when did jeans with the knees torn become popular. lately i've been seeing girls wearing fancy jeans with holes in them.

I wear jeans torn to all hell, oil, strawberry-jam stains, and what may or may not be the smell of tangerines imbedded into the fabric, and I am FORCED to get new pants by both friends and family. nothing like a 16 year-old girl at oldnavy telling you that the pants you want is "no longer in style."


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