Friday, February 03, 2006

a slight daydream

[in philosophy class, discussing god and morality]

prof:... and we will be discussing the paradoxical nature that exists between ethics and....

(girl besides me pulls out fancy laptop)
me: (whispers) hey... have u played the new Quake?
girl: (confused) what?
me: (still whispering) the new quake game, have you played it?
girl: no, i've never heard of that
me: oh... weird
girl: what was that?
me: nothing... hasnt heard of quake, yeah right...
girl: whatever.

prof: what about the difference in attitudes towards ethics amongst different cultures?

me: (whispers) do you have any games on that? oo, like a two player game- load something up!
girl: no, i dont play videogames, especially during class.
me: well thats stupid-- why even bring a laptop to class...
girl: alright, listen- i gotta focus on class, so stop talking to me about videogames!

prof: ok heather, do you have a theory as to the discrepancies?
girl: umm... i'm not sure actually
prof: ok, well maybe if you keep the chatter down, you'd be able to contribute.
me: (whispers) dude, he pwned you.
girl: (angrily turns her head towards me and proceeds with a 5 second death stare)
me: you know, when i get mad, i just play some quake to calm down.


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