Friday, February 03, 2006

Conversations with Live Animals

asad: well, Puxsutony Phil, its a pleasure to finally meet you.

groundhog Phil: chip chip (appears amuzed)

asad: haha, very true- but seriously, you should prolly go to the doctor before that gets out of hand.
so i hear you saw your shadow the other day?

phil: chip chipo chip, chip?

asad: um, i think some of the readers might be offended by that.

phil: chip chip!

asad: easy phil, no need to get defensive, thats your job!

phil: chip chip chippy chip!

asad: no i dont know what its like living in a tree stump, but there no need to bring race into this.
lets just change the subject.... i loved you in groundhog day the movie.

phil: chipo.

asad: thats a little harsh, don't you think? Bill Murray is a great actor.

phil: chipa chipa chip!

asad: ok ok, lets talk another step back. woah.

ok, well is there a mrs. phil out there?

phil: chip chipachip chiiiiiiaaaap! (appears to be pelvic thrusting)

asad: no one talks about her like that!! (dive tackles groundhog and throws punches, phil bites back, frantic tussle ensues)


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