Sunday, February 19, 2006

the shanshu blog hits 1000: disappearance of asad reminiscent of dave chappelle

so it would appear that the blog has gotten some visitors over the last couple months. the fame hasnt gone to my head yet... unless you count the fact that this s.o.b. is FAMOUS now! WHAT! 1000 hits! This overnight success is gonna take me to the TOP! see all you little people in the gutter!

so remember when dave chappelle disappeared for a while when he was supposed to be making the third season of chappelle show? well, everyone was talking about it. so apparently he's back now, which no one is really talking about... except for james lipton.

inside the actors studio is where chappelle tells about his dissappearance... it seems that the pressure from Comedy Center, the fame, the money, the public that was too willing to use the N-word (he's talking to you, idiot college kids), and the whole hollywood mentality that he just couldn't live with anymore, thusly, we went to africa to find refuge.


for everyone who has said "im rick james bitch" or some other quote, understand this:

you make dave chappelle want to seek hiding in africa.

the point i think we should take away from dave is this: quit being hollywoods bitch. and yea, that does apply to you. but asad, i'm not hollywood, i dont have to change, right? wrong.

dead wrong.

well, this blog isn't turning out to be the 1000 celebration it was intended to be... but oh well. the pressures of hollywood have become to much, i need to find refuge in pakistan. maybe when i come back i'll have my own conversation with james lipton.

just a preview of that...
my favorite sound: [pit-chew] (aka, the sound of a strange laser)
least favorite sound: other peoples voices
favorite word: all-you-can-eat
least favorite word: behooves (because nothing behooves me to do anything)


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