Friday, October 14, 2005

i'm not a doctor but i play one in real life

so my medical philosophy is pretty simple and revolves around water. when anything goes wrong with ur body, its can be cured by drinking more water. flaws in this logic, maybe a few. holes in reasoning, i don't know, i'm not a doctor. all i know is that when ur feeling sick, what are you gonna do-- say no to more water. thats right, u just gotta go with it. and bam, ur on ur way to recovery.

but right now im at work, starting to sneeze a lot. got that feeling of impending sickness-- WHICH i whole-heartedily am blaming on my floor which has the combined immune system of a 80 yr old hobo. so in response to me feeling slightly sluggish, I have been drinking excessive water.

and by excessive, i mean ridiculous amounts. i have a pretty standard size water bottle next to me. i've already had to refill it 5 times, and its only noon. i don't feel so good.... and i think the water is to blame. its the same feeling u get when someone punches u in the stomach but they never removed their fist. damn my lack of a proper medical degree.

in the event i do get sick, heres my plan:

wait till the people who are sick now get better.

slowly fester my germs so i get incredibly contagious

and then respread the germs back around.

it'll be brilliant.


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