Friday, February 24, 2006

yesterday's headlines = today's punchlines

so, usually it takes me a while to come up with something funny or interesting to comment on in the news. .. thats not really the case this week. its almost a comical overload. if you dont believe me, check out soon.
heres what we got on the front pages:

1. some sort of beaver that has been alive since the dinosaurs - yea, im sure that those damn animals had what it took to a.) stay alive while battling for survival with the dinosaurs, and b.) able to withstand the horrible ice age. HAVE U EVER seen a beaver! You hit it with a twig, and the damn thing is out cold.

2. the saudis have control of some ports. i'm not too clear on that, being that im not really trying to READ the news, im only skiming it... anyways, we have arabs controling the habors. yea....
this won't become problematic anytime soon. im imagining a boston tea party situation gone terribly wrong....

3. nwalin's (new orleans) is having a tough time with it mardi gras this year. umm... u know when ur throwing a party, and your house explodes-- normally you cancel your party. not this city. "what we lack in relief funds, we make up for with booze, boobs, and beads!"well done, your the original party dog- spud mckenzie! or for the modern update: slurm mckenzi, the original party worm

alright, the rest of the headline are equally entertaining, check em out.

Whimmy Wham Wham Wozzle!


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