Friday, March 10, 2006

dangerously close to home although still completely unnewsworthy

in other less obvious new: 'Scientists say "SUN VERY HOT", almost equivalent to FIRE'
one scientist quotes 'just think of fire, really, and multiply that by fire as well, and then you might be close to just how hot the sun is. oh and the moon.... thats not a giant cookie in the sky"

the article tries to redeem itself with numbers and statistics, but lets call horses, horses. isn't that how the saying goes. either way, the washington times should be man enough to admit when they are having a slow newsday. I know i fess up when i have a slow news day.

speaking of wonky-ass sayings, "the teapot calling the kettle black." what the hell does that really mean? i understand that its supposed to deal with hipocracy and whatnot. but the subjuct matter needs to be explained to me:
1.) why is the teapot talking to the kettle in the first place?
2.) why doesn't the kettle know its black
3.) if the kettle knows its black, why is the teapot being a lil bitch
4.) my kettle is white-- how does that effect the saying?

switching gears if you would

Seeing the white light-- first sign not enough blood is going into the visual center of the brain

so, you know how they say that in a life threating moment, ur life flashes before your eyes. yeah. they are idiots. i wanna meet the guy who originally said that and punched him in his multi-thought oriented brain.

in what i can and only want to describe as my "too many 400m sprint-induced mini heart pain," and not be to confused with a heart attack, experience last week, i now know what one would think of in a such a situation:

you don't think of anything. you think to yourself, " holy crap, this really hurts! this is the worst way to die, owwie!" and then ur done.

anti-climatic: hell yea.
wonderful montage of all happy experience in life: [explitive deleted]

that pretty much wraps up another post.

oh, also: the dinning hall lady ate my poptart, or atleast a small part of it-- which is still TOO damn much for anybody to have out of MY poptart.


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