Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Fuck Europe Tour 2k6.... part II

----------Act VI- planes, trains and automobiles---------
...f*k life jackets

next morning, we took every type of transportation minus steam ship to get into barcelona.

planes trains and automobiles

the airport we left from was like a freaking mall.

so we passed the time playin at the ol casino and eating lots of food.

on the airplane, me and nick kept busy with cards and music

addy and dano enjoyed the champaign on the plane...
which led them to take life jackets...
which led to the airport security stopping us once we landed...
which led to us being in the country for 5 minutes and already we're criminals

empty streets in a strange city

at first glance, this place was really pretty

went down by the freezing cold docks

apparently, something exciting happened to the left

after a while of being outside at midnight, we realized that this part of town was really sketchy, as judging by the number of people selling either beer or drugs, or the transexual hooker, or the dude who hit on nick...

strange town, this barcelona

and of course, the room-
which was smaller than our four person room, yet housed 8 this time.

cabin fever ensued,
there were no survivors


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