Friday, March 03, 2006

one sentence book reviews...

...of books i've never read.

Lord of the Rings set: if i wanted to blow my brains out during the movie, then the books suicide central.

daVinci Code: Reminds me of what happened when we saw the Mona Lisa at the Louve-
Me: I don't get it, she distinctly looks like she's smiling...
Older man viewing painting: You see, at different angles, it changes.
Me (goes to different angle): Nope, still smiling.
Man: Move over to this angle, how about now?
Me: Now she's really smiling!
Man: ok, fine, nevermind.
Me: Maybe if i tilt my head this way.
Man: No, stop that, that won't do anything.
Me: I think she's giving me the finger now!!*

Life of Pi: Tiger + Snake + Boy + Small Boat = hilarity.

Beyond Good and Evil: Dissappointing read compared to the videogame.

Dante's Inferno: Hell is bad and the devil is a sucker for ironic torments for eternity.

The Fountainhead: read the phonebook, it will take u less time.

*items in italics MAY or may not have occurred


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