Friday, October 14, 2005

pugsatony phil has no say in this

bc a birthday is too important a day to be left up to chance, i say that everyone has the right to change their bday at some point in their life. that day is today, well, it was yesterday actually- so yesterday was the day. for you, it will probably be a different day.

summer has been a good time for my previous bdays, but now to spice it up, i say it will be 5 months earlier and now February 24th. so long snow cones and hello snow balls.

keep in mind that no change of age will come with this bday, only snow and presents...

and now a quick list of top worst presents:

-tire iron

-a regular iron

-Sleuth vhs
despite what the cast of characters may lead u to believe, its really just two guys on screen for 2.5 hrs

-the even less popular sleuth board game-- which also involves only two players and still lasts 2.5 hrs

-and lastly, but just as equally important, wicker furniture-- which is usually remedied by use of the tire iron.


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