Friday, March 31, 2006

play the game of soccer brendan

i finally figured it out. it took 3 and a 1/2 years - and numerous season, to realize why the brinsleys soccer team can't win a game-- except for a few exceptions here and there. then it hit me last night during our 'game'.

we scrimaged last night again the team which had to forfeit bc they didnt have enough people. just for fun we played, and me and jon joined their team to balance it out.

the REASON the brinsley have lost SO many games is pretty simple... its not that we lack skill, which we might; its not that we lack communication, we prolly do; its not that we lack any sense of team coordination, definately true--- the reason is this...

we are such Idiots and Jerks on the field, that it fuels the other teams dedication to beating us! As a team we are such an annoyance towards the game of soccer that other teams are simply under the mindset-- 'Theres no way in hell we can loose to the asses!"

SO-- what can we do to change this?! not a damn thing, and who would want to, because there will come a day when we will win again, and the loosing team will shamefully depart the field saying to themselves "I can't believe we lost to those bunch of imbeciles". as we circle the field for our victory lap trying to tackle eachother...

it'll be sweet, just u wait.


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