Friday, July 28, 2006

whatever i'm doing- i need to stop

post-apocolypic view of the future or junk food enduced dream-- ten dollars for the man who chose the latter... but wait, don't close the window just yet, it ties into real life!

there are few places I could say I frequent, but one of those places is the bean hollow- the coffee shop in old ec. and thats where it starts. long story 'somewhat-less-long', there are ZOMBIES in EC! so now theres a hotel down the street where me and a plucky band of zombie-killing enthusiasts make our stand. we made a valiant stand against the undead, until they figured out how to open garage doors... and then we all got eaten. it was quite rough and for some reason really graphic! i gotta stop watching those movies...

but now for the REAL world application-- Zombies Charged with WMDs. "We have incontroveritible proof of these Zombies possessing WMDs"- President Bush. No, thats not a real quote, but here's what these undead enthusiasts did-- ZOMBIE dance party in the middle of the streets of Minneapolis. YES- least sexy type of dance party- but still HellaAwesome!

A couple of them had backpacks with wires sticking out of them, which made police nervous. but, maybe this is why i'm not a police officer-- why would you assume WMDs instead of just a plain ol bomb. OR has the definition of a weapon of mass destruction been drastically loosened to include STEREO equipment in backpacks- carried by ZOMBIES.

police #1: h-hey jim, whats that over there... it looks kindof like-

police #2: oh dear god steve, I told you we should be prepared for this, I f*n TOLD you!!

police #1: looks like... ZOMBIES!

police #2: OK, ok, I know what to do, lemme get my Zombie-Response Kit...

police #1: jesus Jim, I knew you had this fear, but a KIT?!

police #2: just be glad your sitting shotgun with me, kid! Lets roll.

police #1: oh wait! haha, its just a bunch of kids having a dance party! Hah!

police #2: but, b-but, I got out the Kit, THE KIT! aw man.

police #1: sorry Jim, maybe next time it'll be real.

police #2: screw that! look, those kids have WMDs, lets GET em.

police #1: ummm, no they don't....

police #2: do NOT make me use the Z.R.K. on you steve, so help me god, do NOT MAKE me USE IT!

police #1: ok, ok, yeah, WMDs- lots of em. lets book em. [sirens]


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