Friday, April 28, 2006

dangerously inquisitive, remarkably unconcerned

So like most fridays at the office, I have a chance to peruse through the morning headlines when i saw a relatively boring headline describing about Iran's president having one of his rare press conferences to the public. for some reason i clicked on it, maybe under the assumption that it really said the King of Jordan- in which case i would click on that headline in the hope to see his gorgeous wife, Queen Rania.

But alas, it was Iran. Anyways, heres the photo that accompanied the dull news story:

if you look closely, you may ask yourself-- WHAT THE CRAP is GOING ON in IRAN?!

No really?? What is going on in this picture?! Cause i'm pretty damn sure this was ACTUALLY how the press conference looked... You'd think the caption to the picture would shed some light as to whats going on:

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad spoke at a rare news briefing with Iranian and foreign reporters in Tehran that was broadcast live with simultaneous translation.

i would've said something along the lines of : Iranian President's attempt to reach the Wizard of Oz's palace thwarted by giant killer doves and a sea of midgets armed with Iranian flags of various sizes (the flags are various sizes, the midgets are pretty much uniform in height).

[on an even more random note, i still dont have my own signature sign off, something i can say at the end of the blog to make me sound sophisticated, slightly pompus, but delightfully humorous. yeah, the only thing i have so far is phrase vaguely reminiscient of a stuttering pig]

thats all,

[WIBBA WAB WAM WOO] nope, thats not gonna work at all


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