Friday, April 14, 2006

of harmonies & discourses

usually i like to have some overall theme to the blog post, but today seems like a more disjointed sorta post:

while perusing through, i stumbled upon Tucker Carlson's page (he's the dude who always wears the bow tie, consequentially also the guy that you wanna shove in a locker or something). His page is hilariously idiotic. In one of his posts he tackles the topic of illegal immigrants by saying that americans should illegally enter Mexico, and pretty much "see how they like it." seems to me that you would just have a very messed up cultural exchange program, kindof like that wife-swap show. is sleeping with the new wife part of the show also?

also, you know he has balls when he has headlines such as 'Illegal immigrants flooding New Orleans ' dated two months ago. poor taste tucker, too soon. even i haven't done any katrina jokes.... atleast i hope i haven't?

the post that hit me most was the story of Tucker being outraged that Peacekeepers recently rescued from Baghdad had the audacity to critize the US government once they came back. Insurgents took the hostage about 100 some days.
yeah Tucker, where do those peacekeepers get the nerve to badmouth those people who CREATED the environment for those insurgents in the firstplace. Thats equivalent to the fire department SETTING your house on fire, and then proceeding to charge into the flames to rescue you.

fireman: so, what the hell, aren't u gonna say thanks?!
fireman: yes, yes we did.
me: and?!
fireman: and then we saved you!
fireman2: dude, we totally saved you!
me: i hate u all.

on a completely different last note- nothing more amusing than on the metro to work, sitting between two people reading the washington post and the journal. and me with my x-men comic book. suits and children's reading= an awesome combination. oh cyclops, wolverine's gonna kill you any day now....

thats all,


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