Friday, April 14, 2006

one sentence movie reviews

thought i would give my take on some of the more recent hits that i haven't seen...

good night & good luck - the sequel will be a silent film (*)

brokeback mountain - i liked it the first time when it was called city slickers (**)

capote- prolly could have used a wacky sidekick for truman, perhaps daemon wayans(***)

* you see, it was in black in white to get the atmosphere and feel of the 1950's, so why not travel even further back in history to the 1920's.

** what do you mean the guys in city slickers weren't gay? what about Curly? Oh for the love of pete... You mean Curly's Gold was ACTUAL gold? weird.

*** even though i've seen it, i will never admit to it... dammit.

short posts are in style, thats all.


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