Friday, April 21, 2006

the post that will no doubt get the shanshu shut down

quick note before i start the days rant, but i've noticed how my posts are becoming quite polar, it the sense that they either are of some political or new subject, or simply make no damn sense... theres no middle ground anymore. and for that, i blame the readers. yes.

so my co-worker at the office practices Falun Gong, which she describes as mediation and exercises that cleanse the mind and body. The Chinese government describes the Falun Gong as a dangerous religious movement. lemme tell you one thing, I wouldn't believe the chinese government even if they said eating rocks was bad for ur teeth, despite the fact i already know that to be true.

Which brings me to the current events portion, where China's president, Hu, was "heckled" by a protestor during Bush and Hu's meeting in Washington. Apparently my co-worker is friends with her! Cool. The friend of a friend harassed an international leader.

Trying to read the new up on this news, ALL the news sites called this disruption a "HECKLER". isn't that term mainly reserved for Comedians... I mean, it could just be a passive aggressive way of saying Bush and Hu as just funny-men whose only purpose is for the public to laugh at... BUT on EVERY news site. I wonder if Hu got any grief about his government being all-up-after Jack Bauer.

Either way, after a lengthy discussion at work, I feel like I am knee deep in a chinese conspiracy against the falun gong. i cannot divulge the information i know or else i'll disappear quicker than a arab tying his shoelace at an airport. but if u wanna feel like an investigator, look up on google: [china falun gong camps] .
Is it propoganda or an anti-communist movement? frankly, i'd agree with any anti-commi movemet, even if they believe in fairy's and used paperclips as currency.

'To each his own', right-- except for the commis, where 'to each is all that belongs to the united community for the good of the proletariat.'

next weeks post & poll: "where did asad go?" poll options: (a.) ran off to tahiti (b.) abducted by the chinese (c.) lost on campus somewhere

thats all,


At 12:22 PM, Blogger Amit said...

the reason the brinsley's always lose was discovered this past weekend.

taboo anyone?

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