Tuesday, July 25, 2006

fine example of marketing or disasterous attempt to combat employee dissatisfacton

this is the latest view of the discovery channel main offices.

i can just imagine a conversation that would occur once they decided upon the shark accoutrements to adorn the building if I worked there... I wonder if they made it a suprize to their employees until one day-- BAM-- shark head!

Boss: So, have you looked out your window yet???

Me: yeaaah... thats what I wanted to talk to you about....

Boss: Yeah, pretty friggin cool, huh! Its like the building IS a giant shark-- this is going to be great. I bet national geographic's building isnt as AWESOME as ours!

Me: umm, yeah, awesome. but its kindof blocking the windows of the entire department... do you really think thats fair?

Boss: Fair?! This is a fabulous opportunity. Sure, ur department won't see the sun for the next couple months while at work, but wait... I just thought of a proposition for you, just right now off the top of my head... and offer YOU CANT refuse!

I want you to work... INSIDE the SHARK HEAD!

Me: umm, whaat?

Boss: Think of it-- you'll be working FROM inside the SHARK HEAD! Its crazy, it boggles the MIND!

Me: I don't want to work in the shark head... i don't even think its meant to hold people safely.

Boss: Oh come'on, WHO doesn't want to work out of a shark head! You can tell your wife that your COMMUTTING into a shark's head-- she'll totally flip!!
You not working from the boring office, your working from the freakin Shark Head!!

Me: If you think its so nice, why don't u work out of the sharks head?

Boss: Oh, woah-- get a hold of your senses... my office is Not the one being blocked by the giant shark head. Now, get ur desk ready-- by mid afternoon I wanna see those project proposal post-marked from 'the shark's head'

Me: the sharks head has its own stationary?

Boss: No, but I kindof assumed you would... you know... act the part...

Me: What part?

Boss: The part of a man working from a sharks head! You know, change your email to something like 'asad@theSharkHead.com', that sorta thing.

Me: oh dear god, i'm leaving.

Boss: don't forget to change your business cards!!


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