Friday, November 25, 2005

the general state of ohio

first off, happy turkey day. the fact that its almost winter makes me confused and beligerent. but that will prolly be another rant all together.

why the ohio newspaper sucks: this was their headline on the front page- "Shoppers hit stores during Thanksgiving Weekend."

..... aren't shoppers the only people who would hit the stores during anytime. i mean, the only other group would be robbers, but thats obvious.... and also a separate article all together. don't worry, the lack of adequate reporting is made up for by an abundance of snow.

in national news....
This man is my hero. Apparently this guy in Reno stole $200,000 worth in legos. being both a slight thief and a major lego fan, even I do not see the purpose of the stealing so many legos! does it start off as a guy stealing a few small boxes of legos at a time, then just looses track until his house is filled with them? OR is it more like ocean's 11, where this guy who really loves legos assembles a crack team to pull of the heist, and everyone gets a cut. like a casino job gone horribly wrong.

either way, the world is desparately needing better heists. implement 'the great xbox360 caper of christmas 2k5' or the less popular 'the poorly thought out nintendo64 heist of thanksgiving 2k5'



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