Sunday, November 06, 2005

how asad are you

a quiz if you will to determine how asad are you:

1.) your in class and some kid is being a jerk. do you:
a.) tell him to shut the hell up
b.) try to ignore him
c.) throw cherios at his head until he thinks he's going crazy

2.) the biggest travesty occured when:
a.) bills lost every superbowl ever
b.) alf never made it back to melmac
c.) Giant decided to stock only krispee kreme donuts instead of making them fresh inhouse

3.) things that have one time or another held up your pants include:
a.) regular belt
b.) string belt made from multicolored yarn
c.) bungie-chords from a friend
d.) all of the above

4.) while walking alone, late at nite on campus, your mentality is:
a.) try not to get mugged
b.) stay away from sketchy looking people
c.) look as sketchy as possible and start having an argument with yourself
d.) no ones gonna mug you if you mug someone else first
e.) both c & d

5.) Bad life decisions include:
a.) going drink for drink using ten cans of hawaiian punch
b.) trying to see how fast you can use the very large paper cutter
c.) continuing to drive home when you are 90 % sure your breaks stopped working 5 minutes ago
d.) all of the above

6.) Your attitude towards cats can be best described as:
a.) those guys are cute
b.) smartest animal on the face of the earth
c.) the only thing keeping me from dive tackling that cat is the memory of how funny garfield used to be. but now its not funny anymore, what happened there? and i didnt see the movie, but i guess it had Jennifer Love Hewitt, so maybe garfields on the comeback.

7.) Things you used to say, but no longer can after meeting someone with the specified ailment:
a.) "...maybe its a tumor"
b.) "...maybe its diabetes (pronounced die-a-beat-us)"
c.) "...maybe its cancer"
d.) all of the above

8.) Dissappointing life lessons learnt the hard way:
a.) there is only a small segment of the population that actually enjoys Jackie Chan movies as much as I do
b.) being 'conductive' in terms of electricity is NOT a good thing
c.) an attack dog does not have the capacity to understand the pyschology involved in a game of 'chicken'
d.) all of the above

9.) Exciting life lessons learnt the hard way:
a.) Thumbs do grow back
b.) spray paint to the eyes does not lead to permanent damage
c.) walk around with a cane for a week, you get lots of free stuff
d.) all of the above

10.) i wanted to have an even number of questions, but i ran out of steam... if was pressed to make a question, it'd have to be along the lines of breakfast cereal mascots versus justices of the supreme court... witty yet politically insightful. ah yes, it would be a hell of question indeed

so score yourself out of 9 (or 10 if u somehow found an actual question in number 10), the answers should be fairly obvious [all answers are the last choice], and that percentage will tell u...

How Asad Are You?

and yes, i'm mighty full of myself these days, but its ok-- if i'm aware of it, its not a bad thing anymore.


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