Friday, November 18, 2005

thanksgiving with the extend family equals asad needs to brush up on todays politics

i have no political humor.

thusly, changing this post's title to :

--Japanese superiority clashes with Japanese tendacies to loose robots in outerspace--

New game, Sudoku, or something japanese that roughly translates into "how to keep an idiot busy, flip over" is sweeping everyone. in dc you got people with whole books on em and everyone on campus doing em. i'll admit, its a fun game, but its just one of those things that the japanese think they can control us with.

they failed their first attempt: those robotic dogs.

but moving on to those robots lost in outer space,
JAXA- the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency announced the robot it sent to a nearby astroid circling the sun has been lost. Scientists say it was a miscalculation in the tragetory. I say they cant fess up to the fact that it was a bad idea combining the Robotic Dog and the Sudoku game in an attempt to say to the world- Hey Look, our dog can fly into outerspace AND solve these silly puzzles quicker than anyone!


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