Saturday, November 26, 2005

winning hearts and bribing minds

so everyone has their own way to gauge how their day will turn out. well, atleast i think its common for people to do that. either way is, i do that, and if others dont, there is something seriously wrong with them-- not me.

so my gauge is the little display on the hot water machine at the dining hall-- i look at it whenever i make my tea. its usually near 200 degrees, if not exactly on it.the range is 198 to 202 degrees. if its not 200, its usually a bad sign. the greater the variation, the more likely it is i will run back to my room and baracade myself in there until i send someone else downstairs to read the gauge again.

this mornings reading: 175 degrees--- translation: "piano falling on your head" threat at code: Super HOT PINK

i made my tea and got the hell to cover and stayed there for the better part of the day.
i got some courage and went down to check the gauge again

this evenings reading: 85 degrees--- translation: "spontaneous combustion" threat at code: EXPLODE!

its not safe out there anymore. so be sure to check out my revised security system for Mental Stability.


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