Tuesday, December 27, 2005

kicking xanga's and facebook's perverbial ass with each new post

well, its winter break now. and if theres a new post on this blog, it must mean one thing-- i'm at work. i get money, you get a blog.

a quick recap on finals: is it bad that people only become really religious on campus when impending doom is near? if I was Mote, I'd put priests, rabbis, imams, and other holy people running around campus in lil go karts with podiums on the back saying quick prayers to everyone on their way to exams.
1.) it would be hilarious to see holymen wheeling around in 40mph go carts
2.) i guess thats a violation of the whole separation of church and state dealy

had i actually had some final exams, im sure i would've started praying a whole lot during that week also and been in some need for holymen in go karts.

oh, and btw... the lessons i've learned at work today:
1.) packing 6 tangerines in a plastic bag does not constitute 'bringing lunch' into work
2.) if someone told you " hey, 6 tangerines will fill you up. no need to pack anything else in ur lunch," they would in-fact be lying
3.) halloween candybars can and will go stale 2 months down the line


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