Friday, March 31, 2006

'i see no changes,' congress kiks it oldschool

what do I know about politics? not a whole lot, but what i do know is funny, and I know a whole lot about that.

so theres this congresswoman name Cynthia McKinney. apparently shes just an awesome source for hilarity. 1.) She punched a cop in some sort of case of mistaken identity... which then lead to the cop pressing charges. and now they issued a warrant after her. thats pretty hard core for a congress woman.

BUT look at this-- this is the bill she is trying to get passed. and let me tell you. it is by far the greatest bill of all time. everyone should call their representative and tell them to BACK thIS BILL!

Thats right, "Title: To provide for the expeditious disclosure of records relevant to the life and death of Tupac Amaru Shakur."

SHE WANTS answers to the IMPORTANT questions! Forget all this talk about WAR, foreign trade, internation crisies... no, she wants to know What Happened to 2Pac! and she won't stop until she finds em.

just to further clarify also, this bill is ONTOP of the same bill she tried to pass last year... atleast she's persistent. but better watch out Mr Speaker of the house. She might clock you in the face if u mess with her. [damn shes so much more hardcore than hillary!]

on, another note, heres a headline from yesterday's washington post:

Brain Development and Intelligence Linked, Study Says

in related news: Consumption of Alcohol linked to GEttiNG drunk; Possibility of Questionable Hookups connection still uncertain.

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