Wednesday, August 09, 2006

dark metaphors / bright manners

the morning news is like gold- sweet, filtered for public-approval & sensational gold.

not to sound repetitive but... wtf is going on in texas! "Octopus unhurt" -THANK GOD! That octopus was one day from retirement. The penguins on the other.... two weeks left... they would have never made it.

the worst part of the story- NO F*n picture!! come'on- this image would be AWESOME!

Biased Journalism - I've Missed You

So onto the middle east, lets just see how each country is portraying the war between Israel & Lebanon. On the side of Lebanese, we have ISRAEL ON BABY-KILLING SPREE on the main page of the 'Kuwait Times'. Well done- not only are they killing babies-- ITS A SPREE. Like a shopping spree- except with more baby killings. WO00! Thats hard to beat in terms of Biased Journalism.

But lets see what the headlines are for Israel Today - Jerusalem police bar planned gay protest . Umm, what? This is the top of the page article on their website... did they forget what the hell is going on with all the rockets - and the guns - with the SHOOTINGS, GlaviN! Well, lets see - its gotta be big news right bc its at the top right.

Lets see-
"The Jerusalem police banned a planned gay protest, which was to take place in Jerusalem on Thursday out of concern it could result in violent clashes." And u know how much those countries in the middle east HATE violent clashes- don't want em & don't need em....

I should leave the topic as it is, bc - like me with a nail gun on my robitussin trips- its dangerous.

thats all


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