Monday, July 25, 2005

Campin 2k5 Memorable Quotes

Asad: Scooter wake-up call?
John & Addy: Hit it!
Put on my raving shoes
& boarded a plane
Touchdown in the land where skies are blue
in the middle of the poaring rain

Nick & Addy : GIGANTIC... GIGANTIC...GIGANTIC... A big big Love

Dan: We went spelunking!

Jon: I'm gonna be honest, I'm drunk.
John: He admits it!
Jon: Yes, but thats my decision to make. Mine and God's... and partly Kim's.

Pallavi: Somebody deflated my air matress!
Asad: Stop looking at me!

Nick: Somebody throw a potato at me. (Gets hit in the back with a potato) Who threw a potato at me!!

Maureen: I'm calling out John & Asad for buying hotdogs & hamburgers without considering what I wanted!
John & Asad: But they were on SALE!

Deirdre: Play me a song I know.
Asad: Dre, I don't have the guitar anymore.
Deirdre: No, play me a song I know!
Asad: Who are you talking to?! (Deirdre pouty face) Thats it, I'm gonna go shoot something.

Nick: That sing-a-long turned gay real fast.

Addy: When I say 'When i bust my gat' you say 'Muthafukas take dirt naps!'

Jon: I would like to call out Ashleigh, Nick, and Maura for being the LEAST PREPARED campers ever!

(Right before we plunged over the waterfalls)
Ben: Time to go over!
Asad: But I thought we had a plan?!
Ben: This IS the plan!
Asad: THIS is the PLAN!?

Kim: JON! Nick's hitting me with Asad's hat!
Jon: Nick, you know better than that. Hit her with your own hat.

John: Somebody unspiked my gatoraid!

Ben: Ok, now does anyone know a WHOLE song?

Maura: and then he stopped at pointed, 'Hey look, a real live hippy!'

Jon: Now I didn't want to mention this earlier, but one of the chicken's looked like it had some sort of growth, but now that everyone's eaten, I thought I'd tell you.

Kim with a wooden steak: Look, I'm Buffy the vampire slayer!
Asad: Please don't ever do that.

(while investigating the strange light in the distance)
Ben: If I see anything move I'm gonna just start swinging.
Dan: Ben's-on-point.

Nick: Can I see your cosmo magazine?
Pallavi: Only if you don't burn it.
Nick: Ok. (Takes out machete)
Pallavi: HEY!
Nick: What? You said not to burn it.

(while in the fast current)
Asad: GIVE ME your HAND!
John: No, its ok, I'm fine.
John: No, really, i'm good, see, I'm standing up now.
Asad: Well that wasn't epic at all.

Ben: My bagels taste like teriaki hamburgers.

(Ashleigh shows us how to make taffy)
Nick: Is it going to taste like salt-water taffy?
Ben: Of course not nick, its going to taste like marshmellow taffy!

John: That rock owes me a dinner.

(on the drive home)
Asad: How come we haven't caught up with dre & mg yet?
John: Dunno, they prolly got lost.
Asad: Yea... I hope they got lost.
Maureen: You guys are awful.

John: This stick was made for poking, and thats just what it'll do, one day this stick will come and poke all over you.
Asad: stop that!

Ben: Harry Potter doesn't have as many funny words as you would expect. Where are all the muggles?

Dan: Damn terrorist cans.

Asad: Quick, I need jelly, a knife, and 5 inches of string-- wait, i forgot what i was trying to do here.

mauras donations (which are severly lacking in the accuracy department):

: We're camping hardcore!
Addy: This isn't camping, this is drinking in tents--( more like in-tents drinking right????)
Jon: This is what they do in Abercrombie & Fitch ads.

Ashleigh: So I've thought of a new name for us. Instead of the goonies we are now... the FOREST FEMMES.
Nick: Ha. Right. How about the underwater uteruses?
Ashleigh & Maura: That would be UTERI!
Nick: Okay, fine, you're the underwater uteri.

(Everytime the ranger truck passes by)
Group Chorus: Ranger Joe, Ranger Joe: He's the funniest guy I know, Ranger Joe.

pallavis donations:

Addy: I'd like to call Nick, Jon, Ben, Ashleigh, Pallavi, Dan and Kim into the circle for the heinous.... unforgivable act of ...... SITTING TO MY LEFT!!!!

Maura: I'd like to call Kim into the circle for driving us all crazy by saying "I miss Jon, I love Jon" every five minutes

Pallavi: I'm calling Deirdre into the circle for saying she drinks, but never really does.
Deirdre: I drink!
Pallavi: Kill your beer.
Deirdre: I don't have one.
Pallavi: Case in point!

(Pallavi about to jump off the tree)
Little Kid: Just don't look down, and HURRY UP!

Jon: When we're rich we can come back here with our RVs and do things high class.
Ben: RVs? That doesn't sound like fun.
Jon: Have you seen my RV? It has satellite TV.


nicks donations:

Addy: In my last job, I would take afternoon naps in the handicap stall in the bathroom-- I called it my handi-nap.

Ashleigh: You suck at guitar, play something good!
Nick: Here's a good song
Nick: Ashleigh is a bitch,
shut your f*n face
I'll kick you in your butt,
and make you eat my pee!
Addy: Ya! Keep going!
Nick: Adnan is a bitch...


John: We're bouncing!

addys donations:

Jon: I like girls that wear Abercrombie & Fitch!
group chorus: chinese food makes me sick...

(singing to no woman no cry)
Asad: Ashleigh might think she messed up my chi
But little does she know, I'm pepped up on my tea


Thursday, July 07, 2005

thinking too much of how you don't think enough

Willie : Well, ALF, while we're gone I trust you won't be getting into any mischeif.
ALF : You do?
Willie : Not really, but we gotta go.

Willie : You can't vote ALF , you're not a citizen.
ALF : I'll apply for a green card.
Willie : That's only if you want a job.
ALF :Pass ... I know, I'll marry Lynn. Become a citizen. Vote, then drop her of like a hot potato.
Willie : ALF ...ALF : Sure it will be hard on her first. She'll cry, drink a little too much. Joins with a bongoplayer named Waquine.
Willie : ALF!
ALF : You'd like Waquine, he doesn't like beets.
Willie : Neither you or Waquine may marry my daughter and you may not vote!
ALF : Fine! I have not voice in government, Waquine will get deported and they'll make him eat beets!!
Willie : How many cups of coffee have you had?
ALF : Forty. Why?